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    (To deal with a dude like me baby. You gotta be the H.B.I.C.
    The head bitch in charge callin all the shots baby.
    Can't be scared to gamble.
    Gotta roll the dice.
    Feel me? Scared money don't make none.)

    [Verse 1:]
    Shorty look I know my ego looking forty foot.
    Big chain and not talkin bout the naughty look.
    Mine Gotti unless I'm lookin for the sporty look.
    He young and rich and bitch that go without a argument.
    My kicks brown and now I'm looking for Rhianna n' dem'.
    Smoke junky, kush funkier than parliament.
    What's the problem then girl fuck apartments.
    Move in with me on the beach now your top ten.
    You can do the spa
    See a newer car.
    These my feelings and I'm really feeling who you are.
    Baby light brown, with the right smile.
    First lady and she ready for the White House.

    [Chorus: Rick Ross]
    Baby you, you shine just like I do.
    Just like your supposed to.
    Everyone knows your the bosses girl.
    My diamond, envy of all yo friends.
    Big moves that we're making.
    Got us on top of the world.
    Your the bosses girl.
    (I got nothing but love for you baby)
    Baby your the bosses girl
    (I love to pay yo bills baby)
    (It excites me! You know what I'm talkin bout?)

    [Verse 2:]
    Fresh limousines, tall waterfalls.
    Valet at the crib, my cars I love em' all.
    Boss Lady, she the head bitch in charge.
    She asks for head first so she gets it off top.
    Champagne pop, rubber band knots.
    Multi-millionaire no that other man not.
    Let her call the shots, she want me on the top.
    And the way I want it, it will be a month before I stop.
    Kinda walk funny.
    Stubble out the bed
    Snap of her finger niggas pickin up her tabs.
    Walking through the mall got me carrying her bags.
    I gotta pause cause this muthafuckas bad.

    Baby you, you shine just like I do.
    Just like your supposed to.
    Everyone knows your the bosses girl.
    My diamond, envy of all ya friends
    Big moves that we're making.
    Got us on top of the world
    Your the bosses girl
    (I love you baby) Ohh
    Baby your the bosses girl
    (Feels good when you say it)
    Your the bosses girl
    (I love you baby)

    [Verse 3:]
    Cursing down Collins, knocking Trick Daddy.
    When I'm upset all my niggas trigga happy.
    Do me a favor, watch your behavior.
    Cause I'm insane send you straight to yo Savior.
    Lookin at my savings baby I can save ya.
    Take ya parasol and go straight to Jamacia.
    Ya man a boti boy, with the bumbaclots.
    You deserve better,
    6 car garage,
    Come in late night
    So I'm airport.
    As I take flight,
    I'm ya Air Jordan.
    We the world champs.
    Come and ball with us
    Gotta take my time when I put my all in her.

    Chorus: repeat til end]

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