Only You

Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia - Only You

I wonder what you're thinking now
'cause you've been up all night
I wonder if my questioning
is causing us to fight
I'm sorry if I push too hard
your silence is all I hear

Only you can hear me
and only you can see through me

Don't leave me here
will you stay for a moment
don't turn away
'cause you're scared you can't hold it
we've nothing to lose
but enough has been broken
I need you here

So the way you looked at me
my heart began to sink
the words were flying out so fast
I had no time to think
I never meant to cause you harm
Your sadness is haunting

This is harder than climb
Now we've went down the line
but it's all I want
and I give up everything
so find me I'm waiting
right here drowning in all of this

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