There Is A God

Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant

For as long as i remember, ever since i was a childi've had the understanding in my heart
That there is a creator, a master of design
Who hung the moon and every single star

But the greatest revelation that i could ever know he loves me in my weakness
And calls me his own chorus

I have a hope and i believe
My faith is alive, my spirit is free
Though he's unseen, still i know deep within my soul there is a god

In the arms of human nature, i've fallen on the way he's heard the desperation of my cry
Oh one drink of living water can heal the hurt inside he fills my cup, it never will run dry
For the price of my redemption is covered by the blood and i have been made worthy by his gift of love


Father of light, he never changes, he never fails
Giver of grace, author of life
He paid the price so i can say
I have a hope and i believe
My faith is alive, he's livin' in me
There is a god, i do believe, i do believe


There is a god he's the way, the truth, the life
There is a god, his name is jesus.

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