No Sign Of It

Natalie Grant

Collector's Edition

It´s a long wait at the gate
just to glimpse your fate
just to see whether it all works out

It´s a long road, a heavy load
You gotta really want to go
and just let the others walk around you now

up and down again
but this time it´s different
it took some waiting
to straighten out the bendIn
and out of luck
yeah at times it was difficult
I got a new life baby,
It takes some getting used to but...

(Repeat Chorus)

No sign of any rain
My skies are clear today
I keep bracing for that hit
But there´s not sign of it
No obstacles in sight
My skies are clear tonight
(My skies are full of light)
I keep thinking I might see that cloud arrive
Oh but there´s no sign of it
No sign of it

And as I look around,
it´s all new ground
the leaves on the trees touch down
But I´m above weightless as a dream
It´s been a long road,
a heavy load
I just simply had to go
Had to get here
hard as it´s been

In and out of lucky
eah at time it was difficult
I got a new life baby,
it takes some gettingused to but...

(repeat chorus)

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