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Outta Time

Natalia Kills


Well, I know you'd have liked to save me
But we're outta time
I tried to write you a letter, baby
But I'm out of lines
You thought you could make me better
And I hoped it'd turn out right
You know, I'd sell my soul to change it
But we're outta time

We've been driving down this road
Since I was seventeen
You could tear my heart
Like pages in a magazine
But now your photograph is faded
And my bed is cold at night
And I wish that love could save us
But we're outta time

So don't regret me baby
When you lay awake tonight
You knew that I could hurt you
But you said I was worth the fight
And I know that you're not waiting
At the end of a telephone line
But I can't keep holding on
'Cause we're outta time

If I could stop the world from turning
Maybe I could change your mind
If you stop my heart from burning
Then I'd take you home tonight
But I know that you're not waiting
At the end of a telephone line
And I wish I could take you back
But I'm outta time

Yeah, I'm outta time
I'm outta time
Yeah I'm outta time
I'm outta time
We're outta time

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