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Death Anniversary


I know all y'all hearin me, none of y'all scare me
Cause niggaz die daily
Comin out with my guns real early
Layin in there stair way
Cause niggaz die daily, so I got niggaz around you
Mad like they back from their man you killed just a year ago today
So call it death anniversary, rushin to emergency niggaz die daily

[Verse 1]
What if I told you that AZ didnt exist
And I put him their played it like a ventriloquist
Cause niggaz spit fake shit and y'all respect it
I spit that real shit and y'all won't buy the record
What if me and the rapper homie was really cool
And we used that whole thing as a media tool
would you say I was a sucka or say I was savvy
If I told you motherfucka's that me n K wasnt married
What if Jungle wrote my shit, and I'm really illiterate
And the whole Nas catalogue was just an experiment
What if I really died when Ill Will got shot
This is Will rhymin right now, Nas is chillin wit 'Pac
What If I did all the Advertisement thrown My Way
And I boned every chick that would throw me some play
I'd have to load another AK cause Niggaz be jealous
Cause we real like them Brazil favelas


[Verse 2]
Scream at the nigga breathe, dont breathe ya last breath
But you know a nigga dead when he pee on himself
Blatter givin up on 'em, face start to puff on 'em
Bloatin up, nigga cold as fuck tryin hold on 'em
Loosen up the nine on outa his fingers
Angels comin only he can hear the song that they singin
And it hurts me, the planet cursed B
This ya niggaz first year anniversary
This how it goes down in every ghetto
So its quite natural for rappers to settle
And make pop music nursery hooks
Cause back then we thought the only thing that worked was the jooks
They tryna pimp a game that done pimped them first
I'm pimpin the industry so they acknowledge our worth
The next anniversary we all unite
Let's all get together or we loosin the fight


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