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Ryuusei (english)


Shooting Star

I believe your promise
it's too hard to give me courage
always I feel it the precious time seeing you...

Stood on that corner
I felt the winds that were heading for tomorrow
The city's lights were like stardust
It wraps the two people together
But each of them have a different shine
Your laughing is the brightest to me.

You are like a shining star.
Like a lonely bird.
We can go through the darkness of the night.
In the cracks of the block
The times it looks like it's about to flow away
Don't forget that you aren't alone

Even if I think about it, it has no meaning
Because whenever it is, you are always yourself
Even if your pockets empty,
The most imporatnt thing is in your left chest.

A dream is like a shooting star
Like a rainbow when the rain stops
It brings light into my heart
Things I continue to be troubled by,
All are solved with one answer
I won't lie

I wonder what's correct
I wonder what's not correct
During those times, raise your hands to the sky
Raise both your hands higher into the air
Higher and Higher, hopefully, you can grasp it
Your limitless future

Time is like a shooting star
It shines for a long time
It will come by strongly again
Today, which will never come twice
I won't give up.

By Jamun*

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