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    [Skinny DeVille]
    I broke a dollar down the dirty south the dime, quarter, penny, nickel
    Flipped the 25 to 50 cent, now watch the bitch triple
    Game simple, ya here today, tomorrow ya ain't
    Now who the hell gonna say that franklin aint gonna change the way you think
    I took a buck fifty, ballin on a budget, bought a Dutch
    Quickly spilled it and I stuffed it with that chunky from Kentucky
    Man that blunt did it, sour then McDonald's make the world pick
    (If any nigga got it) Shit Skinny finna get it
    (Get it) While it's gettin good and hold it for a minute
    Let that shit bubble, weigh it up and chop it when it's finished
    (We gon' drop it when it's finished) for some dollars and some pennies
    Like a dime relentless, Nappy niggaz all about the Benji's
    (Benji?) Not the dog naw, we're talkin bout the dead prez
    Slaw, with the hog mall, chicken wing and fed bread
    Dough like the cash flow, finna keep my fo-cus
    Spinnin like a twenty picture Skinny in a cold pit
    (Spinnin like a twenty picture Skinny in a cold pit?)
    Boy yeain't know that money make the world go
    Hustlin for pennies, nine-four for it real slow

    [Stille] Dime, quarter, nickel, penny
    [Skinny] Damn, ain't it funny how we all about the Benji's?
    [Stille] Dime, quarter, nickel, penny
    [Scales] Won't you give me a dollar since ya got so many
    [Stille] Dime, quarter, nickel, penny
    [Skinny] Damn, ain't it funny how we all about the Benji's?
    [Stille] Dime, quarter, nickel, penny
    [Scales] Won't you give me a dollar since ya got so many

    [B. Stille]
    (Whatchu want man?)
    (?) said a hundred for that
    Super happiness, a blunt and a sack
    Who could we feel like this, I don't need no crack
    Weed smoke comin out the front of the 'Lac (chrome)
    Gun in the lap and a gun in the back
    Come to realize we was goin that fast
    I blink my eyes, follow runnin my tags (get out the car)
    Next time I travel somewhere dirty I'ma come in a cab

    I can't knock all the rocks you rock
    How I'ma cop all them yachts ya got?
    You get props on the bop-she-bop
    Let's keep it all the way Nappy, when you hot you HOT!
    Burn up a dime, sell a nickel at the corner
    Throw a penny in the jukebox, damn it's outta order
    Spinnin air, fumes blowin, silver spoons (Rick Shroeder)
    The dollar value gets shorter as you get older
    Hey come here for a minute
    Don't tell nobody I told you but uh...
    The dollar value gets shorter as you get older


    [R. Prophit]
    Aww, y'all boys done up and done it, spun it, flaunt it
    Jump my motorbike doin about a hundred, one gun and I'm blunted
    Everybody fend for they self - they tell me strong-arm
    while it's only ten on the shelf (watch out! watch out!)
    Like this, Galloping Ghost flow ferocious
    Break down bones like osteoperosis (ohh!)
    Prophit's in a coma, back stuffed with explosives
    Postage to the White House, fuck all that bullshit
    It's kinda funny, everybody love money to death
    Not that, 3% control America's wealth
    Need some help? Look at yourself, sure ya do
    Y'all feel like "fuck the world?" me too
    (?), can't get rich being complacent
    Know ya gotta rebel when ya can't make a payment
    Water like ice cubes for big faces
    Face it, we're livin with racists, outrageous
    Wild, host-ile, shake up stages, contagious
    Young baby don't have patience, what my name is?
    R. Prophit (yes sir?) sing the cadence


    Dime, quarter, nickel, penny...
    Dime, quarter, nickel, penny...

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