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Inhale Exhale


For All We Know

Running out of luck
Take me to the church
And I get in without tripping out
Search the wild until I get in
If I had enough

I can't get enough
And I'm not gonna hide so many reasons
But you're bettwe off
You see the madness
To right or wrong
I tried to put my brains on
But I'm already lost
Lost to the madness
Cause when I inhale and exhale I'm back again

Break the rules until I'm making them
I can't get enough
I'm swimming in an ocean
I'm not gonna lie, it's your decision
I'm already lost
Don't try to reason
By the time I inhale exhale
I'm back again

Lost to the fire, madness
Deep in the ocean
Put of the river, sadness
Fuck me deep into the ocean
Cause when I inhale exhale
I'm back again

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