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Marilyn Monroe / Neon And Waltzes

Nanci Griffith

The sun will stop shinin'
Hearts will stop poundin'
The screen is so lonely tonight
The men are out prayin'
The women are sayin'
She died for the loss of her prime
And lived on DiMaggio time

Farewell you old tinsel city
With your waltz in the mornin'
and your neon at night
I've bathed in your loneliness
Drank of your wine
I lived on DiMaggio time
Hearts felled to paradise still rest in her eyes
She was no fading light

Hot night in August
So Long to the Goddess
"America's fatherless child"
Immortal's forever
That Queen of the camera
The master of winkin' a smile
And leaving her shadow behind

(Repeat chorus twice)

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