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Love Is A Hard Waltz

Nanci Griffith

Take this heart of mine out the winter
and let the new life of Springtime come rest at our door
May the soul of my brother never bow to the wicked
and the hearts of our children waltz together once more

Love is a Hard Waltz... and we could all use a
lesson in giving
If we give it hearts... it could teach us the
rhythm if only we're willing
Now my mother's had a hard life in learnin' to dance
my father did leave her on the dance floor at midnight
Though they shared a true love, he did not understand
that all she ever wanted was a hand in her own life

(repeat chorus)

I know women who gather for the hatred of men
their eyes are as closed as the blind Ku Klux Klan
There are men who would love those same women as friends
oh , brother and sister they'd stand in the end ...but ...

(repeat chorus)

Now, we've all lived in fear of the needs of our neighbours
yet, we voice our opinions through weak politicians
Hey, the shores of our country have closed for this season
and our lady of the harbour stands lonely and weeping ...'cause ...

(repeat chorus)

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