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I Would Bring You Ireland

Nanci Griffith

I would bring you Ireland
The cool sweet of the Dublin rain
If you would keep my heart for me
In the quiet of your Texas days
And my old friend, will you shelter me from pain
In return I'd bring you Ireland

One day I'll build a tower
High upon my Texas plains
I can see from coast to coast
On hot platinum summer days
When the dust is still, and the cotton prays for rain
And the thirsty passers-by wonder why they came

I dreamed of Amarillo
On a foreign night in Dublin
The dust was on my pillow
When the raindrops started falling
In a hotel window, where I could see his rainbow
And I thought I'd send my heart to you
'Cause that's the way the wind blows

And I'll reclaim my heart one day
We'll sit and watch your children play
And I will bring you lullabies
From the Emerald Isles for back porch days
And my old friend we will always meet again
And I will bring you Ireland
I will bring you Ireland
I would bring you Ireland

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