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Hometown Streets

Nanci Griffith

Everybody packs their goals
and sails away for better shores
I have seen times
my sails have held a brilliant shine
I hear tell that dreams come true
along these crowded avenues
but, my peace of mind
is a place I go when I close my eyes

I need a hometown street where the boys are pretty
and a friend is still a friend
I need a hometown street where the love you're given
surely comes back 'round again
Hometown streets are paved in gold
with faces that you've always known
But, you'll never see them
until you pack your dreams and leave them
The one I loved has moved away
It's hot in this city
Hey, it's always late
Here in this place
love doesn't get the time of day

(repeat chorus)

I can't remember
what I came here for
I'm gonna pull up my anchor
and sail for shore

(repeat chorus)

Compositor: Nanci Griffith/james Hooker

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