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Nadine Shah

Are you checking off lists?
Are you counting the time?
Am I the one you missed?
You are mine

Are you taking the piss?
Are you wasting my time?
From the moment we kissed
Were you lying?

I am aware of the passing of time

Have you been here before?
Fed some other that line?
When you darkened my door
I was fine

There's a hole in the floor
There's a fly in the wine
And your story is flawed
As is mine

I am aware of the passing of time

Stop your counting of years
Stop the wreck in your mind
Stop your feeling of fears
You're divine

See you checking off lists
See you counting the time
All the ones that you missed
You will find

I am aware of the passing of time

Composição: Ben Hillier, Ben Nicholls. Nadine Shah

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