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Holla Back Slime


And my coke come white, like barkley wife
Can't stand how, these niggas be frontin
Dumpin off 8 shots, ain't hurtin nuttin
And who gives a fuck bout, who's spirits is better?
As long as my shit is dope when I put it together
Me and swizz with another one, hot forever
And you can call violator, for show that you whoof
I like a swizz beat, shit already come with a hook, it go

These bitches full of glicthes
Cause they snitch to much you do that to much
We will load you on tha bus and ship your ass
I got a pocket full of mass and I got a new task
Take out tha snitches and bitches and maybe in hip hop
There will be no more glicthes get at ya boy

Hey yo hype show them bitches that right
We dont need no mo glitches it time
For tha hype, so close tha 9 and have a good time
Mutha fucka I want ya to holla back slime, holla back slime

Hey yo this tha last verse ma pull out ya purse
Na ma dont do that fucka this isnt tha last verse
You see thugs on tha street wit nothin to eat
Y I made this beat for tha people strugglin in tha street
Ya know who I be h. y. p. e. These snitches aint got time
To open they eyes and see they bitches and now its time
To holla back slime, holla back slime

Yo dis tha end of tha song all of my people
I want ya to holla back slime, slime slime
It hype time now it holla back slime, holla back slime
Yo dis aint tha end
Ya it is yo to all tha bitches buy my mutha fuckin
Cd u dum ass snitches

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