I feel like a slag!
In so bar for too long time to get tipsy
Don't mean if I buy you a drink now come later
you're gonna lips me
Look girl dagger den dash it like a frisby
Ay sexy lemme be tell your boyfriend wait cheat
I heard he mc's is that true, what's his name?
Fuck all these other funny guys der gassed
I can make a killer album den dash
Ba Barbados splash
We can be together on a boat and mash
Me and fifi make cash
Suttin dem man never make Brap
When I was 15 I was told to hold a strap
And if I wanna be a badman run inta da gaffa!
Man said he Cd was seert!
But when I put it on there was less lookin
at the speakers like 1, 2, 3
My mum could rap better than that, (your shit)
Everything about you, say it like
Jordan you been in a studio all your life
And you still ain't come up with nothin what are you recordin?
Bmt show not even your dad was applauding
Even da bouncer was snoring
U see us man we roll 10 man deep on the tour bus
U ain't tight with your friends,
they snake you now your lifes boring
Prick had a dream about being a star,
did a little video, rented a car
Holding a cigar thinkin jay-z or someones
gonna come along and sign him.

Your a punk that rolls with 25 pricks
Makes a mistake, and end your life quick
Keep sayin your gonna come to my bits
Cause you kick wasteman and make dust like...
Wat! na fam I don't give a shit
Big man still actin like a little kid
Yeh yeh yeh yeh,
It's not my fault your girls on my page more than your little dick
I'm going in more than a little bit
Didn't wanna mention your name to da track but ayyaaaayy
Fuck you, you fat little shit (fat little shit)
I'm real, on mic I show skills,
stop talking about gun, you don't kill
You think you're so I'll,
Been to over 20 meetings and you still ain't got a deal
(Got a deal, got a deal, got)
Your stalling, I make dough when your in a bed snoring
4 in da morning, up breath yawning, you might not see me,
Can't prevent the world tourin
I'm 19 and I'm exploring, I'm risin up, your fallin
I'm scorchin, your boring, going full width, not back like forskin
Back then I kick you off the see-saw,
Now you gimme it back now you roll with tha rebor
You might be old, but I'm stil rogile,
Young but I still treat mine like an older
You the type to say I'm getting popcorn tonight,
And still hit the sat holding your boner
Next day,
Chat crap to everyone sayin
that you banged two holes your a joker.

I'm a nigel, straight, your a fan like stan on the
Eminem track with dido
I remember when I had a runny nose
tryna draw down girls at the lido
Then I thought wait, can't knock gotta break the door
Nowdays at an n-dubz roll psycho fans
camp from the day before
Girls love putting it on da plate, what you hatin for?

I tell a girl you were linkin (linkin)
She said course yo but my mans over der, wingeing
She said I'm on a blackberry hype, add me tonight
Shh baby it's a ping ting
Didn't know her man was an mc too
I was like what where who?
Ah dat dickhead ain't even had 4000 views on youtube

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