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That Dress and Summer Skin

My Dying Bride

I just caught a glimpse
Of your summer skin
As you slipped away

As the sun drew up
Its golden chair
I looked upon my own sleep
And so you shall
Taste my grief

Through blood and tears you helped me
You leaped from you lonely defeat
And in this night I drew my knife

As I look at them
I know what my hands have done
I'd shake these thorns for you
From my crown for you
So go on now
Put on that dress for me,
Put on that dress for me,
Put on that dress for me.

Put on that dress

Where are you my love, my love
My sweet one..?
Where have you gone?
My love where are you, my love, my sweet?
I only think of you and it drives me down.
I only dream of you.
I am so alone

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