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Under Lock And Key


theres something crazy, something strange about
the way im lazy and how i go about
giving my time and how i reason.
do all my problems have to do with how i reason?
dont feel bad if you havent figured out.
cause im not mad theres really no need to shout.
theres really no way tou could have estimated
that you would ever in your life be so frustrated.

*if youn knew what was good for you
youd lock me up and throw away the key.
you dont need me no you never will.
you never did as far as i can tell.

should i wake up and explain myself to you
or should i not care and sleep the whole day through.
finding the sence in everything.
its like going through my head to find a dimond ring.
living day by day is all that i can say.
something someone to believe in might be the other way.
we can not be sure until we open the door.
inherit choices, choices i cant take any more.

(repeat *)

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