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Lonesome Town


The Renaissance (EP)

by Ana Lu

Lonesome Town

they say that lonesome town was where I'd spend my days
cause I just couldn't settle down my life was such a craze
they always said that lonesome town would finally get to me
but lonesome is the only way that I truly feel free
well lonesome town is crowded and every one's the same
with fresh new starts and broken hearts
where no one knows your name
though lonesome town is crowded I'm always first in line
with fresh new starts for broken hearts and wasting all my time
well lonesome town its got its good
it's sure enough got it's bad
like walkin' round that big dance floor for the date you wish you had
you're either born to lose or you're born to win
that's just what I've found
but I've come to accept the fact that I was born in lonesome town

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