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Letting Go


The Renaissance (EP)

by Ana Lu

Letting go

i've got a voice and I'm gonna use it
i've had a change of mind
i know things now that I didn't know before
i've got the upper hand and I don't want to abuse it
but soon I just might find
i'm locked outside, my foot's not in the door
there's something in the back of my mind
telling me to leave it behind
the trouble I seem to find
the hard to deal with kind
a thought or two in the back of my mind
i've got a choice and im afraid to make it
i've got a change of heart
i'm taking care of things, and taking things apart
you'll know my heart in conclusion
and there's no way to fake it
and nothing to retort tcb; deep inside my soul
i've got a voice, I'm gonna use it
i've had a change of mind

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