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Simp Dress


I'm nearing the end of my third tier
I feel like I've been lacking, sending too little cheers
Everyone seems to think that I spend tons
But little do they know that I still have the funds

I can't help the fact that I like to be a simp
It's just too easy sending money and some bits
I tend to raise subscriptions usually by myself
And I can't ever seem to stop for my own health

I'm simping here typing poggers in a twitch chat
I'll be the simp queen and call that shit a pogchamp
Balance is going down, new subs are all around
How did I get here? I need to know
I guess I maybe had a couple misconceptions
Thought I'd get to them, but no I didn't
I guess I thought that simping would be some fun
Now I'm sitting here alone and slowly running out of funds

Slowly running out of funds
Slowly running out of funds
I'm slowly running out of funds

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