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Red Western Sky


Red western sky I will follow you
With my pagan hat, tell me what to do
I will stand all night, I will walk to you
I will burn in fire, the shaking is new
But when I find you, the body will be clean

Red western sky show me what to do
Give me time to cry, give me long night through
All the great ones change, and the feet still bleed
What's forsaken fate in this token secret
Strange to think that somebody really cares

Send the dust in, send the rest to me
Sitting lonely shapes, infinite

Send the best in for me
And the rest remains still so sudden
In the mess

Red western sky there's a team from the east
And they try to pull me back, I'm dragging my feet
When I get that check, man, I'm gonna fire it
And easy the frying pan with shards on the carpet
It's strange to think somebody is really there

I'm surprised to think somebody's still there
It's positive, I've never known shit

Send the dust in to me, send the rest to me
Sitting lonely shapes, like we're infinite

Send the dust in for me
Let the rest remain still so sudden
In the mess

Compositor: Paul Banks / Matt Barrick / Josh Kaufman

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