Murder By Death

fourteen years have passed since that day your stories are the same but the ends have all changed you carried on lik you were some type of god some things will never change we went home to see our folks we
laughed a
nd we told jokes it was like we were young again on that deathbed our mother lay how long she's got they still can't say it took all this to get us back together again how long is this going to last you can't keep reliving your past screwing over the ones that you love in the name of some new drug so brother raise another pint rev up
the engine and drive off in the night see you somewhere someplace sometime i know there's better brothers but you're the only one that's mine the bondsman came to my door early
the next day he said "i come for your brother you don't know what kind of trouble he's in" how long is this going to last? you can't keep reliving your past johnny law keeps a poundin' at my door 'cause you screwed up some new score so
he's standing ni the doorway like he owns the place with a look of smugh satisfaction on his face i'm gonna give you up of that he's sure as hell but i take one look at him and i know i'll never tell they can knock all of my doors down but i won't say a word

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