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I Want To Be Loved

Muddy Waters

King of Chicago Blues

The spark in your eye sets my, soul on fire,
your voice is like a, angel above
The touch of your hand, drives me insane,
but baby, I want's to be loved
I'm crazy 'bout every little, thing you do,
I cherish your hug
Your kisses so sweet honey they, can't be beat,
but baby I want's to be loved
Every time I ask ya, for a date,
you don't come at all or your, oh so late
I ask you to dance a, little spin,
you said wait a minute daddy, here come my friend
I love the way you walk when you're passing by,
even when you, tryin' to snub
You kill me every time that you bild me that eye
but baby I want's to be loved

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