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Heal This Land

Moya Brennan

Heavenly places we seek to find
Here lies a desert with spirits running dry
It's braver to listen, open our hearts
With our history and fame
Is it clear who's to blame?

You calm the waters
called on the storms to die
With faith, how we look to the sky
Our nation's built from the same rock, not the sand
Oh Lord, You can heal this land

Honor and glory tied up in chains
Blind to the future that keeps us in pain
Let's change our armor for words of love
With His spirit as our sword
Fill our hearts with trust, my Lord

Wonderful children destined to be
Climbing in darkness, ashamed for you and me
Prayers can be answered
let's move mountains high
God, we reach for ancient skies
Let our faith never die

Compositor: Máire Brennan / Tim Jarvis / Denis Woods

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