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Trace Out The Heart

Motionless In White

This love i sealed it with a kiss
Nothing was supposed to feel
Quite like this.

More brilliant words were never said
They make me want to snap your neck
This is just a test.

My heart is a time bomb
Only seconds to go
Self-destructing as my chest explodes

Heart is a time bomb
And i thought you should know
Your killing me quickly
But it feels so slow

Ill put my bite marks on your neck
But thats nothing to the razors on
On your lips

So come on gorgeous kiss my wrists
Ill bleed until my blood runs out
And you ripped into my..

My heart is a time bomb only seconds to go
Im getting ready, im ready 1 2 3 explode!

This kiss, tastes like a hand grenade.
The pin is, pulled out and thrown away.

When my brain is scattered on your wall.
Reminder, of what you did to me.


Screaming, im ready to..kill me
Lock and load..
Go ahead, go ahead pull it back,
Fuckin kill me!

Inside my heart, im torn apart
Its black and white, theres red on the knife
What good will come of this?
Tonight youll see a mirror grace my fist

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