Motionless In White


I fall
This is the end of you
Whispers are their weakness
Everyday I must practice to fake this smile
It's all the rain thats putting me to sleep
I'll let the blood tell the truth tonight

This is my life's work
11 tracks is not enough
To tell you how I've died inside
Love is lost like words
11 tracks is not enough

In spiders eyes a man becomes a fly
In prolonged silence, we all stand defiled
We fall in line with the atrophy of life
The calm before the storm is a deafening silence
I've given my all, to this valley of despair

We are the damned, the cursed and the broken
There's so much more inside us
We are the lost, the sick and unspoken
There's so much more inside us

I'm drowning in an ocean of the tears that I have cried
I tried to drown my sorrows
Instead they're all drowning me

Compositor: Chris Motionless

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