Black Damask

Motionless In White

Now what have I become?
It's more black in my heart
Than the ice in your lungs

Hail elegance as we revel in the lust of pure destruction
"Miss cadaverous", let me light the dark in your eyes

I am yours
Like the stillness of a corpse
With a heart bound by ache
Though it doesn't beat it breaks

I am cursed
I sew my eyes shut just to sleep
We're caught in all the webs we weave
No sonnet for the recently deceased
They lie awake just to hear you scream

Strip the world and paint it fucking black
Now what have you become?
You once felt like home
Now you're just a ghost in the fog

The funeral song of misery was played on keys of ivory
"Miss cadaverous", show me who you really are
In my eyes I am yours
Such a paleness I adore

With a heart that's bound by pain
Though it doesn't beat it breaks
I am cursed
Oh what a mess I have made of my life

"His arms are around me
His tongue in my eyes"
Hide my face from the light
"The spider man is having me for dinner tonight"

Now go back to the start, I still hear her voice
But she's lost in the fog
Your "love" is just a frail disguise
To hide the pain behind your eyes
In lacerated lullabies

We all fall down
Your "love" is just an alibi
The antidote of your demise
In lacerated lullabies
We all fall down

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