Moses Sumney

Two Dogs

Moses Sumney


I had two dogs
In the summer of 2004
One was boot black
The other whiter than a health food store
Medicine hogged
The floor space on the back porch
Donations my monarchs
Saved up to take up to the poor

Oh, the backyard sang
A chorus of barks from Yin and Yang
They played angel and demon
But oh, I loved them just the same
Strange how what heals can also kill


I found two dogs
On the hot concrete of the back porch
One in amniotic vomit
The other in fetal contort
Medicine clogged
Their stomachs till they overpoured
Strange how what heals can also kill

They both went grey
Adopting a putrid, lifeless stench
I learned in death
We all are unified in countenance


Eyes bulging like they'd finally seen the truth

The typa shit a child forgets
But the memory resets
When you ask me in a worried fret
Have you ever at least loved a pet?

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