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Drag The River


World Peace Is None of Your Business

Drag the river
And you may find a sliver
Of the one whom you speak
And whom they seek
She would gaze into the river
As we'd look into a mirror

And her reflection would beckon her to
Join me join me join me join me
Happy we will be

On the coastal shore
I'm sure you'd break down
If you saw
And abhorrent torrent
crashing as it pours
The countercurrent holds a secret
At the rise of tides
And it swells all alone
For this heart born too high

So join me join me join me join me
I'm certain I heard her cry

By the river with the soul
Of submersible stone
Every second of my life
prepares to go
She would call into the river
As she'd cry out for her mother

So stark, so haunt
Deep enough for all I was
Oh, join us join us join us join us
And happy we will be

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