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Grand Materia

Morgana Lefay

So it came to me - and I saw beyond
The dark reflection of myself in me
I closed my eyes and I flew away
And I inhaled eternal life

Behind – the deepest of my soul
Beyond the world you live in
I found a miracle I caught the shadowstone

With the knowledge in my hand
More alive than ever
With the seven astral planes within – I will live forever

So far away but somewhere inside me
An angel slumbers wrapped in shadows

Grand materia
Catch the shadow of your soul

I became alone
My gift was both a blessing and a curse
Because I couldn't tell, didn't dare to speak,
No one to trust
I kept my knowledge for myself

Alone but with a presence inside me
An angel is awake in the shadows

Grand materia
Tame the shadow of your soul

There is no end in my life – no final destination
Both blessed and doomed to walk the earth,
As an immortal transmutation

Something dark is always close- trying to control me
I think it wants the shadow back,
Through the barriers inside me

Alone but with a presence inside me
A demon is awake in the shadows

Grand materia

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