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The Wisdom Of The Wise

Moonlight Comedy

Try to be stronger to pass your exams
Try to be higher to win your war
She was lying on the ground
while I touched everywhere
Living flames appear to me;
what you feel is what I did.
I usually spent my life
becoming an evil guy
but now I can see the light
lookinÂ’ for holy answers
I hear the words you keep inside,
youÂ’re gonna live my nightmare
My breathe is cold, free and I need Hope soon
Please give me the hero,
find the one who can save me tonight
IÂ’m learning the silence,
livinÂ’ sound of evÂ’ry angelÂ’s life
Take me away,
IÂ’ll see the sun.
Maybe this grey song can leave me down.
WhereÂ’s my demon?
I have my doubts.
Run, Actor 1, whoÂ’s the god of your life?

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