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Goodbye Girl (feat. Golden Highway)

Molly Tuttle

Crooked Tree (with Golden Highway)

She's headin' down the mountain
Footloose and fancy-free
On her way to Boston where the city meets the sea
With nothing but an ocean, she'd like to see the world
Sail around the ocean, gotta be goodbye girl

Goodbye girl, got everything she needs
Goodbye girl
Goodbye girl, she knows she's gonna be
Goodbye girl

Her mama used to tell her "Don't rush to settle down"
"If you got the urge for goin', let it take you town to town"
"The world is your oysters, so you better find those pearls
"And I will always love you, farewell and goodbye, girl"

Goodbye girl, go chasin' down a dream
Goodbye girl
Goodbye girl, you're always gonna be
My goodbye girl

You say you'd like to know her and she thinks you're alright
But you'll be a hundred miles from here this time tomorrow night
So if you'd like to join her, she'll take you for the world
But you gotta love leavin' when you're with goodbye girl

Goodbye girl, nothing's gettin' between
With a goodbye girl
Goodbye girl, she's always gonna be
Goodbye girl

Goodbye girl
She's always gonna be goodbye girl

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