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The Middle Is Gone


Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt

I let too much in
And the souls begin
We were so much alive I couldn't win
I had life pursing sin
And life pursing when
And we were forcing dreams
I can hear them but I cannot see
I'll never be free
I'll try
But I'll never be free
Always plagued by what I can never be

The dreams of hopes and wasted goals
The sources and forces of the wasted [?]
They slip
The pursuit of time is wasted more
Piles and vials like light shining down on me
And I was lost [?]
And I was tied to me
I'll never be free
I try but I'll never be free

Instrumental on the face of dawn
Nothing to gain
The middle is gone
I would wait for things to die
So hard, so hard we try
I tried so hard
Haven't figured anything out
Left behind so much pain
So much doubt
Leave worlds behind
I'll never be free
Always plagued by what I'll never be

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