White Lies

Missing Takes

We Don't Have It

All the lies they say
Trying to keep you safe
Doing wrong for your own good
Never good enough for you
White lies they tell
Are the lines we all know well

"You gotta follow your heart"
"Always shoot for the stars"
"Hurts me more than it hurts you"
"Someday you'll understand"
Words serve to keep
You under unknown discipline
Is that good for me?
I'm willing to believe

There's a different way to go
A direction no one knows
Running with my eyes closed

'Cause I like the feeling
Crashing without seeing
Overconfidence that's been declared
Hides someone unprepared
White lies we tell
Do we understand them well?

Like the words of a song
Re assured they will flow
From your tongue
Think you're too smart to ever submit
Just think again
You have bought into all of it
You've been made to believe and to preach on command

What's the reason in the end?
Ask the over confidents
Sing me a song that can lead
Me astray, can lead me astray
Forget my problems, and drink them all away
Drink them all away
Paint me a picture
I need it today

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