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Emotional Inception

Missing Takes

Uneven Tides

Wounds that never seem to heal
Scars that I can't conceal
In a place where reasons and feelings go to meet
An empty cell that is your mind
An empty place with nothing but jealousy
Is it far away?
Or should we only look inside

Pictures have turned into obsession
Connecting tales that should've been left behind
Friendships, still haunting me these days
Just good friends, a list that never seems to end

I wish I could just rest my peace
Deal with anything without even a word
It'd be easier then, I wouldn't have a whole world to confront

So small, my world's become so small
I'm stuck in, not strong enough to break the walls
Stories, still haunting me these days
And I can't help my simple mind

Petty details that I amplify
But still I try
Is it my fault, my fault?

Never enough
Will you ever be enough?

Letra enviada por Mateuszuanazzi

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