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And This Is What's Been Going On

Missing Takes

Superfriend going down

Broken umbrella in the rain
I'll slip and fall upon the floor
Chosen badly once again
I'll learn my lesson after the storm

I love the things you do to me
But don't need your help selling me short
You bring me deep into your sea
And soon enough we'll fight some more

What if we just can't dream again
Stay awake until the end
So if our paths should then diverge, no guide
Just walking straight ahead

Maybe it's time for us to stop
Or just continue moving on
Remember: choosing's leaving something behind
On your way without picking sides
Who knows I'll go along for the ride

And when our story gets too far
Then we can't see just where it starts
Who'd be the first one to give in
Abandon it and then depart

Letra enviada por Mateuszuanazzi

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