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miranda-miranda-scott-johnson - Fotos
miranda-miranda-scott-johnson - Fotos


- Fotos

Mïrändä's music is a synthesis of playful commentary and catchy pop melodies. Her vibrant compositions and lush lyrical worlds, rich with metaphor and subtext, are contagious by their very construction. She explores a wide spectrum of styles and sounds, and leaves the listener guessing what's next in the musical game she has set before us.

Born and raised in Nyc, the young music producer and singer-songwriter has a background in theatre. Her eclectic spirit and style can be traced back to years of training in classical violin, as well as the wide range of music she grew up listening to, including The Chieftans, Queen and Led Zeppelin. Mïrändä's upcoming singles are emboldened with abstract themes, glowing with the pulse of neon electronic melodies.

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