Miranda Lambert

Last Good-bye

Miranda Lambert

Used to stay for hours, and listen to the rain.
You'd hold me on the porch swing, while our troubles washed away.
And Daddy'd come and get me, girl it's time to come inside.
And I'd say, just a few more minutes, Daddy please, we need a little time.
To say our last good-byes.

Time flew by so quickly, and our love slowly died.
We both knew that we had grown apart, neither one knew why...
Told me you'd come back when, you'd made up your mind.
Now all those memories faded, all except the night...
You said your last good-bye....

I know you needed time to find yourself,
But I can't keep my heart upon that shelf.
Boy it's been awhile now, since I heard your voice.
I didn't want to call you, but my heart left me no choice....
I just called to tell you, that I'm really doing fine..
That I been doing lots of thinkin', and I finally decided it was time.
To say my last good-bye...

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