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Adored Rough Mix

Miranda Cosgrove

I'm willing to try this
But maybe you're not
Maybe we'll like it
Let's give it a shot

And let's throw ourselves in
And get soaking wet
Don't just slip our toes in
Not yet

Don't tell me that you're kind of into me
'Cause I just wanna be, wanna be, wanna be

I need to feel it to know that you mean it
From the bottom of your soul
Let me know I'm adored
That's not enough for you simply to say it
Instead of telling me words and let me know
That I'm postivley mine and I'm postively yours for sure
From the bottom of your heart let me know I'm adored

I'm willing to show you
The thoughts in my mind
I'm willing to cut loose
The ropes that I tied

So tell me you're ready
To dig in the dirt
To show me the places
That you ever were

Don't tell me that you're kind of into me
'Cause I just wanna be


What's the point that suddenly your less (from the bottom of my heart)

So shadder me world

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