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Good Guys (don't Wear White)

Minor Threat

i'm a poor boy born in a rut
some say my manners ain't the best
some of my friends they've been in a whole lot of trouble
some say i'm no better than the rest
but tell your mama and your papa
sometimes good guys don't wear white
everyday i work hard
at night i spend a restless (?) time
but those rich kids and all their lazy money
can't hold a candle to mine
but tell...
good guys bad guys which is which?
the white collar worker or digger in the ditch
man who's to say who's the better man
of those two i do the best i can
you thought i had a dirty mind
all the messed up chicks all the changing times
white filth and easy living
you can't come come close to the love that i've given
but tell..

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