The One

Mindless Behavior

If you'e love was a beat I'd put you on repeat. (2x)

You make my days better, I need you like the sun
I wanna make you the one.
No reason for another, second to none.
So tell me you're the one.
You'll be, the one. (2x) the one.
You're the one.
You'll be the one, you'll be
The one. (3x)
Tell me, you're the one.

Yep, yep you are, everthing I'd ever
Dreaming to have in a girl
From the lipgloss you got, the attitude you rock
I can go circle the world, come back
And I still cant find, a star that shines.
As bright as you, more than the moon, yeah
I sure wont mind, if you were mine

In fact I insist you do

If you're love was a beat, I'd put you on repeat yeah yeah.
You'll never have a need, if you're rocking wit' me yeah yeah
I wanna make you the one

Nothing too long, let me put you on.
Grant every wish you ask
Cuz' my loves free, and there's no fee
You sure got the backstage pass
Every superman needs his lois lane
I dont need a red bull cause you give me wings
I could teach you how to fly, please believe
I can be that guy, baby guaranteed

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