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You're Mine


You're mine, you're mine
you weren't , but now you're sold
so everytime you get one foot away
you'll do as you was told
shoeshine, shoeshine, put a randsom on your seeds
cause baby when i'm through with you ,all you'll say is
please and
what else could i do wrong, right, wrong
i sigh, you try, try to comfort me
by putting everything in place, but sugar that isn't me
o.k o.k this one last chance you get, do this o.k and don't annoy me
then you'll stay with me, cause
i don't know why: right , wrong

don't know how i got here in the first place
don't know how i got involved with this old man
don't know how i got here in the first place
this is not the future that i had in mind

caught , like a fly in web and i know,
i enjoy all the things he does
caught like a fly in a web
but he beats with affection.

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