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Pretty Thug


I could fly over, you could make me feel much better.
We could sweep this night under a rug,
Yeah you know I'm nothing but a petty thug.
I could fly myself over,
So we could rub against each other
We could fuck and you could change my world,
Yeah i know you're just a little naughty girl.

Will i make the same mistake
Or did i learn something last time?
I don't know why--just cannot wait,
Bucket's too full, we're in season tonight.
I don't know why--i get distracted
By your big fat sex and throw love,
Love so soon out of my system,
The romance horror and the fake bliss that comes with it.

It's just not me, it's just not me, it's just not me, it's just not me, it's just not me, it's just not me,
This love's not me, this love's not me.

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