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More Than Four

Milla Jovovich

More Than Four

who r u
what r u on?
i don't know if i really wanna know cause
you're gonna sweep me out
i wanna cut it away
i wanna lose my body
i send you my thoughts
we bleed into entropy
you're gonna spread me out

what collides?
what r we?
do we die?
wake old and weak and slow
and wonder
did i have control?

give me a little light before i close my eyes
and i'll see you down there
when i open them the next time
to see you i gotta shift my focus
i can feel my body breathe
but it's not air
cause air's a dream
we're always changing thru our mind
you'll still know me by my smile


i lose my heart in wind and water
but lost is just what can't be seen
besides what is and what things were
there's worlds of what was in between
worlds folded more than 4

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