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Milla Jovovich


all the drops
on his cheeks are frozen up
red cheeks are turning into rock
rocks for eyes
blind like desire
soft and deep and counting
shades of quiet

living in your fire
living as fire
test myself like
a nuclear site
getting tired
of my insides
turn my filters on

-i'm a flashlight
i'm a flash of light
i fly to hit the sky
flying so high
i look down on the sky-

feast your eyes
on my little petal
put my firefly
on the mantle
hard to pass him by
without sighing
"how can i say goodbye
to a firefly..."


easier to look outside
on these knees
no tears spill over
shake awake
to stare out there...

how do i say goodbye
to a firefly?

i'm a flashlight
i'm a firefly

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