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Place To Start

Mike Shinoda

Post Traumatic

I don't have a leg to stand on
Spinning like a whirlwind nothing to land on
Came so far never, thought it'd be done now
Stuck in a holding pattern waiting to come down

Did somebody else define me
Can I put the past behind me
Do I even have a decision
Feeling like I'm living
in a story already written
Am I part of a vision made by somebody else
Pointing fingers at villains
but I'm the villain myself
Or am I out of conviction with no wind in the sail
Too focused on the end
and simply ready to fail

Cause I'm tired of the fear
that I can't control this
I'm tired of feeling like
every next step's hopeless
I'm tired of being scared
what I build might break apart
I don't want to know the end
all I want is a place to start

Letra enviada por Daiane C. Santos

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