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Marauder Music

Mike Posner

I don't give a fuck about being famous
I wasn't supposed to be a star
No one ever told me there'd be nights like these, no
I just wanna smoke with my friends in the park
Like we used to
Now I'm drivin' down Melrose
Shit is really kinda feeling
like a hell-hole (And I don't know)
Where did all my friends go?
Tell me where did all my friends go

This is what you listen to in the Marauder
When you don't give a fuck about anything
This is what you listen to in the Marauder
This is the soundtrack to the game, game, game

I don't need no Rolls Royce, or a Bentley
Cause none of my heroes had those
I wonder if I'm supposed to do like them and die young
Cause now I'm someone else's hero
(I drive slow)
Now I'm drivin' through my hometown
The one that every time I go, I always hold down
(every show)
And now it's feelin' like a ghost town
Why's it feeling like a ghost town?

Marauder Music
Fuck a Maybach

In the Marauder
Anything, no no
In the Marauder

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