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The Way It Is


15th & Hope

She put all of her eggs, her eggs in his basket
And the rest of herself she stuffed in his casket
Mourned for 17 years and I'd say she's still bitter

She took all of the pills he left in the cabinet
And a ride to the hospital she took in an ambulance
And all but her memory I'd say has quit her

So she don't like to laugh out in public
She never said much even back before the ?accident?
But if you should see her maybe
that's not something to mention

If they're talking with you about somebody else
They're talking about you with somebody else
That's just the way it is
That's just the way it is around here

They were supposed to love each other at least til forever
But that's a lifetime ago, though I never say never
Never did I think for one moment that they'd make the grade

What happened to sunsets, the moonshines and romance
Who doesn't remember their first, their first and their last dance
One more failed relationshit, don't they seem ready made

Sometimes love rips big chunks from your body
Sometimes you get a piece back but not very often
You settle for what's left and check
that you've come to your senses

Not all of you survive's, you don't sleep as soundly
You wait, you just wait cause you won't walk as loudly
And hope to see a glimpse of the ghost of the you from your past

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