Save Me


15th & Hope

Takes your money, it's way too early
Says thanks while you slip out the door
There's no sun but you know it's morning
Cause for a change you remember
where you slept the night before

On the M9 in search of the right stop
Suddenly you realize it's time for you to go
Catch a subway into Penn with all you've got
$112 and a pack of parliaments

And what you've left behind
Couldn't buy an ad in the Sunday Times

Some time you have to find out
Just where it is that you belong
One day you hit a wall
That leaves you weak or makes you strong

Everybody needs someone he can trust
Anyone who's anyone has demons in his trunk
But no, no one can save you

It was like this?
Here she comes Jacknife Jules
Friday's a gas if she's got her tools
It's a hot time in the old town
Especially when she goes round and round and round

Your head it's spinning, the body is weak
If it feels this good we may never have to sleep
Then all at once in one bright flash
Someone hands you a mirror
and you see you're headed for a crash

No, no one will save you
No, no one will save you
Save me, save me, please someone save me
Save me, save me, no one can save me

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